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What's Your Life Potential

How do you deal with the feeling that you need to run as fast as you can but have nowhere to go? Maybe youve got your running shoes on, studied the maps and bought the best outfit so you know you look good while you get your sweat on. Your face and fingers are tingling from the preworkout you just downed and yet you are tied to a seat looking out the dang window (insert mad emoji face).

That's me right now. Ive been itching to do. Ive been dying to go, but the problem is WHERE do I want to go

Double J isnt just a roofing company. We had to start somewhere, we both grew up with construction backgrounds and you build with what you know. We ALWAYS knew Double J would be something bigger, hoped it would mean more to those we come into contact with than just the contractor that fixed their leak or put the siding on their house. The slogan we use (whats your life potential) has nothing to do with roofing, gutter, siding, widows, etc. because that isnt all Double J is. Our slogan stands for everything Double J does now, will do and for those who choose to follow us and the Dub J way

whats your life potential it's a powerful statement. Its meant to get me (and you) thinking. In everything we do, we want to be searching and performing to perfection. In life, perfection is darn near impossible. The goal is to always be striving for it. The trick is in our eyes you should never truly reach it because as you improve you should be raising the bar, making yourself better and constantly trying to better yourself. You will never truly be done because there is always more you can do.

That leads me full circle here to questioning what my more is. Double J Roofing and Contractors has grown steadily and something we are very proud of. Together Jeffrey and I have grown a business we are proud to say we own and excited to talk about. We have built a family within Double J and truly are grateful for everyone we work with. Shout out to Bailey- you have made it possible for me to quit the 4 am week nights and be able to be home with the kids and play chuffer for their practices, you keep the office running and your office lady is so nice complements coming in, you rock!

This coming year Im not planning to step away from Double J, instead I plan to level up. I find myself wondering what my life potential is and feel Ive grown to comfortable and to accustomed to the routines we find ourselves in.

I wont bore you with all the construction side of it though I will say Im raising the bar there as well and if you do plan to get a new roof, siding, gutter, windows or any other exterior work done through Double J in the next year, Im sure well meet at some point because Ill be there checking on progress and making sure things have been completed the DubJway! But as I said earlier, Double J was never supposed to just be a construction company. Double J Roofing was a stepping stone and it will continue to grow and someday our kids will be proud to run it.. but now its time to expand it. I want to inspire others.

To help people get the guts to do the scary things that help them reach their goals. One of my passions is fitness, my goal for 2020 is to help motivate and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and get on a path that will lead them to looking in the mirror and being proud of what you see. DoubleJ fitness- Why name myself Double J Fitness? Because I can and so I will you better believe Ill have DoubleJ Fitness t-shirts and other swag (secretly I already do) and I hope that youll want it too, not as a form of income for us, but because if you are wearing a shirt that means you are working on the goals you set for you with no room for others second guessing or judgment in your way. When I get swag, often there are minimums to the order and Ill make a commitment now to list them free to anyone who reaches out, Ill mail them to you.

Follow along with my goals for #dubj2020 and #dubjfitness !! Instagram @juiawillman and on facebook too Reach out and let me know how I can help. Share your stories and gain the confidence and support to make your 2020 the best yet.. Whats your life potential?

Posted by: Double J
January 9, 2020
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