Meet The Double J Team

Meet the team that keeps Double J Roofing and Contractors the best it can be!

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    Jeffrey Willman

    Double J's founder and co-owner with my wife, Julia. We've worked hard to build a solid, lasting reputation for Double J which has become not only our company, but the way we live our life and raise our kids. The Double J way: 100% effort, respect, responsibility, and a positive outlook.

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    Julia Willman

    The other half of Double J, I work closely with Jeffrey on all projects. I specialize in storm damage, specifically with insurance claims as well as the design on our facelift projects where we help homeowners update the front facade of their home to give it a more modern look and feel. I love designing and helping homeowners' visions come to life.

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    Dozer is our American Bulldog. You can say he's our unofficial mascot. He comes to the office every day and rides along with us to the jobs. He is well-trained and loves kids, but if for any reason you are uncomfortable with dogs he is more than happy to stay on his bed when you visit the office to pick out colors for your new exterior project.

Addison, Tatum, Gage

These are our salesmen in training. This is a family business and we take that full to heart. The kids come to work with us on the weekends and often in the evenings when needed. They help with post-inspections by searching for any trash that may have gotten away and are learning to speak with confidence, and more importantly learning to listen with purpose. Occasionally, they will come along for a contract signing and are expected to have perfect manners and be helpful.

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