Make It Count: Residential Roofing Services

At Double J Roofing and Contractors we take pride in assisting every homeowner with the task of choosing just the right solutions for their unique roofing needs. Quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and job safety are the cornerstones of our business. We strive to surpass every client's needs and expectations, ensuring your roofing project is built to last!

Double J Roofing and Contractors new glow shingle roof on a residential home
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    Roof Installations

    Your home and the safety of your family are our top priority, which is why when it comes to installing a new roof (whether it be an asphalt shingle or metal roof system) we take the time to make sure the install is done perfectly.

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    Roof Replacements

    If your roof is starting to show its age, then it's time for a new look. We'll help you select the right style for your vision and budget, and our roof replacements only guarantee an extension of the life of your overall roof.

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    Roof Repairs

    From common to uncommon damages your roof will sustain over it's lifespan, Double J Roofing and Contractors will always be there in a quick and timely manner to fix up any type of damage and leave your roof good as new.

Top-Quality Brands We Use

You are in for a unique experience! Not only are the brands we put our trust in of the highest quality, but you can actually see and FEEL their textures, colors, and styles IN PERSON at our centrally located office in St. Peters, MO. Find the style and color options that are right for you, with the help and experience we have acquired over the years and styling the newest trends. Want something tried and true? We got you! Want to mix it up and get stylish with new looks that are hot on the rise? We can lead you there!

Stop In The Office And Check Us Out!

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